28 Mars 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Business

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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28 Mars 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Business

Message non lu par zouma » 28 mars 2007, 20:37

Salut :)

Ce 28 Mars sont sorties 3 nouvelles versions de Skype pour la plate-forme Windows :

Skype pour Windows v3.1.0.150
Skype pour Windows Business v3.1.32.150
Skype pour Windows Beta v3.2.0.53

---> Skype pour Windows v3.1.0.150

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ChangeLog : 28.03.2007 version v3.1.0.150
* bugfix: Call button did not work in tray alert with an incoming call
* bugfix: Crash on quitting Skype before history was loaded
* bugfix: Skype sometimes crashed when clicking myself panel status link
* bugfix: API: allowing to set default video in device again
* bugfix: API: OPEN SENDCONTACTS supporting multiple parameters again
* change: API: app2app connection is also established if the other party is not in buddy list

---> Skype pour Windows Business v3.1.32.150

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ChangeLog : 28.03.2007 version v3.1.32.150
*** Idem v3.1.0.150 ***

---> Skype pour Windows Beta v3.2.0.53

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ChangeLog : 28.03.2007 version Beta v3.2.0.53
* feature: Send Money <---
* feature: Skype's own audio codec <---
* feature: Skype improved conference mixer
* feature: Skype Jitter Buffer and concealment
* feature: Skype audio preprocessing components
* feature: Account in Client
* feature: Import Contacts from MSN Hotmail, Yahoo! and GMail added
* feature: Multi-Device presence
* feature: Myself Capture
* feature: Call Quality feedback in client
* feature: Voice Mail playback pauses Winamp
* change: Extras Manager updated
* change: Menus overhaul
* change: My Pictures - grid replaced with list
* change: Own mood message displaying chaged
* change: Myself panel and contact cards layout updated
* change: Options: SMS validation - check the phone number automatically after submitting valid code
* change: Updated EULA and added Turkish EULA
* bugfix: API: CLEAR CALLHISTORY command did not work
* Updated language files: Arabic (Eriksen Translations Inc.), Bulgarian (Nikolina Filipova & Nikolay Filipov), Czech (Petr Silon), Danish (Eriksen Translations Inc), German (Claudius Henrichs & ##### Schiferli), Estonian (Eve Loopere), Greek (Panagiotis Sidiropoulos http://www.magenta.gr ),French (Fabrice IMPERIAL & Bruno Lépaulard), Italian (Daniele Conte), Japanese (Mayu Shimizu), Hungarian (Mark Bender & Laszlo Koncz & Gabor Stefanik), Lithuanian (Viktoras Kriukovas), Norwegian (Stig Auestad), Dutch (Kees Koenders), Polish (Karol Szastok), Portuguese-Portugal (Francisco Ferreira, Portuguese-Brazil (Leslie Predrotti), Finnish (Heino Keränen), Swedish (Anders Olsson), Russian (Eriksen Translations Inc), Romanian (Péter Henning and Mónika Iancu), Turkish (Ömer Emin Dede)


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Depuis hier vous pouvez reprendre les mêmes liens indiqués par Zouma pour charger les versions 3.1......152 et
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