Fin Avril 2007 - nouvelle Beta Mac & Windows

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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Fin Avril 2007 - nouvelle Beta Mac & Windows

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Salut :)

En ce mois d'Avril sont sorties 2 nouvelles versions Beta de Skype pour la plate-forme Windows et Mac osX:

Skype pour Windows Beta v3.2.0.115
Skype pour Mac osX Beta v2.6.0.72

---> Skype pour Windows Beta v3.2.0.115

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ChangeLog : 25.04.2007 version Beta
* known issue: Options - some incoming calls from people who haven't been authorized
* known issue: Options - Audio settings sliders and feedback indicators not working correctly
* known issue: Options - Advanced settings sometimes return to Basic settings next time you go into options
* known issue: Options - Start Skype when I start Windows doesn't match with settings on Sign-In screen
* feature: Call forwarding improvements
* change: Options overhaul
* change: New offline warning banners for 1:1 chats
* change: New RichText based hint window
* bugfix: Calls between Skype 3.2 beta versions had during silence strange background noise
* bugfix: Myself capture buttons were misplaced
* bugfix: Call duration was showed wrongly for very long calls
* bugfix: Chat guidelines were messed up when using double quotes in them
* bugfix: Importing Gmail contacts for non-English Gmail failed sometimes
* bugfix: File size was not displayed before accepting File Transfer
* bugfix: Skype changed IE6 text size to medium automatically
* bugfix: Link in chat topic was not clickable sometimes
* change: updated language files

---> Skype pour Mac osX Beta v2.6.0.72

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ChangeLog : 11.04.2007 Skype for Mac version Beta
* new feature: Chat typing indicator
* new feature: Chat alert highlighting
* new feature: Call transfer
* new feature: Automatic Updates
* new feature: DTMF tones in Skype-to-Skype calls
* new feature: Public chat support (Join)
* new feature: Payments for Skype Prime premium services
* improvement: "Set my status to Away after XX minutes" can be disabled in the preferences altogether by setting the value to 0
* improvement: new chat commands, see /help
* improvement: added "Toggle Dialpad" menu item to call window
* improvement: added alert icon into Services panel
* improvement: added error message for SMS prefs number verification if country does not support setting sender number
* improvement: added Growl notification for remote contact typing
* improvement: added Montenegro flag
* improvement: added Serbia flag
* improvement: added support for mood message (%mood% tag) into chat styles
* improvement: alert icon in the header of My Skype area when one of the services is about to expire
* improvement: better handling of going online when awaking from sleep/gaining network connection
* improvement: birthday reminder is marked as seen after a call or a chat is initiated from it or after it has been double-clicked
* improvement: dock icon jumps when waiting for license agreement
* improvement: experimental Copy Message, Quote Message commands in chat context menu (require SKChatQuotations prefs key)
* improvement: if only one contact is filtered out in the contact list, then toolbar commands work on this contact
* improvement: implemented chat "Copy Chat Link" context menu command
* improvement: improved QuickAnswer panel
* improvement: pressing "arrow down" key in the address bar will select the first item in the history list if it is visible
* improvement: pressing "arrow down" key in the search field of history window will select the first item in the history list
* improvement: Skype became quite slow when the number of unread chat messages was high
* improvement: SMS prefs sender id verification code is now transformed to uppercase immediately
* change: "The whole world can talk for free" tagline replaced with "Take a deep breath"
* change: added an easy to see "Purchase Skype Credit" button to call window when user is out of credit
* change: birthday notifications are marked read when they have been selected for 3 seconds
* change: changed button labels in contact removal confirmation dialog
* change: changed found contact list in search for contacts dialog - added profile button, removed language
* change: changed internals to better support windows switchers
* change: possible to remove multiple contacts in one go
* change: removed time from birthday notifications
* change: updated EULA and copyright text
* change: year in birthday notifications is the year of birth now
* bugfix: SkypeIn number was not selectable
* bugfix: SkypeOut dialler window didn't fade out in certain cases
* bugfix: "Number doesn't exist" error was not handled as expected
* bugfix: "Request Authorization" menuitem was enabled in the history window even when the selected contact had already authorized you
* bugfix: Callto xxx did nothing for already added user.
* bugfix: chat add users panel became very slow after a couple of uses
* bugfix: chat window online status indicator did not sync with main window when connection dropped
* bugfix: clicking 'Add to Conference' while in a 1:1 call changed the call window to a conference, but didn't add the participant
* bugfix: contact list was not brought into focus on right-click under certain trackpad settings
* bugfix: contacts from mobile devices had offline status icon in the contact list
* bugfix: could not change topic by double-clicking
* bugfix: crash on profile log out when searc/add window open
* bugfix: rare crash when adding contacts
* bugfix: deleting some items from history caused the number of missed events to be wrong
* bugfix: duplicate appearance of "Messages in this chat are older than..."
* bugfix: fixed opening of external chat style (opening copies it to app support)
* bugfix: "hanged up" -> "hung up" in notifications prefs
* bugfix: if a phone number with proper country code was entered into the SkypeOut dialler then the popup button was not visible next time the SkypeOut dialler was opened
* bugfix: If clicked on "1 day" link to get history of a chat for 1 day, then "445 months" message appeared
* bugfix: main window had toolbar when user was signed ou
* bugfix: main window jumped into old saved position after sign-in if the position was changed before sign-in
* bugfix: main window was moved to main screen at startup
* bugfix: Not animated SMS emoticon set actually animated in SMS window
* bugfix: only online contacts and SkypeOut contacts were in the Call submenu of the Skype menu in the system status bar
* bugfix: Opening a chat in separate window from chat drawer showed SMS chat.
* bugfix: previously used Skype names were sometimes not shown in the combo box in the main login window
* bugfix: Skype didn't recognize phone numbers without international prefix
* bugfix: SkypeOut dialler window didn't fade out in certain cases
* bugfix: splash screen image was a bit distorted
* bugfix: the duration 00:00:00 not shown for missed calls in the history list anymore
* bugfix: the chat button in the QuickAnswer panel didn't send SMS in case of an SkypeIn call
* bugfix: the country prefix in the popup button of the SkypeOut dialler disappeared for a moment when call button was pressed
* bugfix: the number of missed events was wrong under certain circumstances
* bugfix: tooltips in contact list didn't work if the missed events panel was open
* bugfix: transition from a 1-on-1 video call to a conference call messes up the call window of the receiver
* bugfix: Unable to send files to those with (?) status
* bugfix: under certain conditions "Mark All Viewed" button was incorrectly disabled after sign-in
* bugfix: URI: skype:?eula did not work
* bugfix: username was used instead of display name in the message "xxx would like to share video with you"
* Skype API: "set call xxx join_conference yyy" command didn't work as expected and caused subsequent calls to fail
* Skype API: contact list didn't regain focus after BTN_RELEASED DOWN commands
* Skype API: fixed "NSObjectInaccessibleException - NSDistantObject access attempted from another thread" problem
* Skype API: it was not possible to call any target with name containing ","
* Skype framework: fixed "NSObjectInaccessibleException - NSDistantObject access attempted from another thread" problem
* Language files updated: French - Jean-Pierre Kuypers, German - Claudius Henrichs, Traditional Chinese - Carlos Lee, Italian - Alessandro Venturi, Dutch - Alexander Henket, Spanish - Carola Clavo, Portuguese - Francisco Miguel Ferreira, Japanese - Takenori Kursawana.