23 Mai 2007 - Nouvelle (grosse) Alpha Linux

Les dernières nouveautés de Skype

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23 Mai 2007 - Nouvelle (grosse) Alpha Linux

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Salut :)

Ce 23 Mai était aussi sortie une nouvelle version "Alpha" de Skype pour Linux.

Alors c'est toujours une version Alpha, donc plus que Beta, donc non-aboutie et toujours en développement... Mais, mais, mais, il y a pas mal de nouveautés. Il en manque toujours et la liste des problèmes est toujours conséquente...

Au menu donc : Skype pour Linux Alpha

téléchargements :
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--> Static

ChangeLog : 23.05.2007 Skype Linux v1.4.0.64 Alpha
* missing feature: Contact List Groups
* missing feature: Undelivered chat messages are not currently indicated.
* missing feature: /alertsoff in chats does not currently work as expected.
* missing feature: OSS support - this will likely return later.
* missing feature: At this stage, packaged versions are not available. For now, simply move the 'skype' executable from the archive into /usr/bin and the sounds into /usr/share/skype/sounds
* known issue: When you create the account, you may encounter a failed registration. Clicking 'Try Again' should result in a successful registration.
* known issue: The two-letter drop-down box to the left of the country is the 2-character country code. This will be replaced by a flag + country name listing in the future.
* known issue: The dialpad buttons currently do not 'visually' show when they're pressed down. This will change in the future.
* known issue: If you have a USB device and are getting sound output on one side only, try using the plughw: device in Sound Devices instead.
* known issue: If you have a normal sound card, we recommend using the Default sound device for now. Sound output to hw: specific or plughw: specific devices may not work for all sound cards, or may result in single-channel playback or loss of sound mixing support on your system.
* known issue: Selections behaviour is unpredictable in right-to-left languages.
* known issue: Links to URLs without protocol (ie. http://www.skype.net) may not load in the correct program.
* known issue: 'Find' feature in chat does not have activation keys as yet. You can initiate a find by typing /find and then using / in the chat window to find the next match. Some options in the Find window have not been implemented.
* known issue: Resizing chat windows which contain a lot of content, or hiding/unhiding the userlist can be very slow.
* known issue: If you have contact info expanded on the main contact list, the list will scroll to this location automatically on any update (even if the contact info was not visible before the update).
* known issue: If you have a long display name, this may be displayed in an unusual fashion at the top of your contact list.
* known issue: Quickfilter is not yet implemented for event history.
* known issue: Loading full event history takes a short time.
* known issue: Not all popup notifications have been implemented (for example, calls)
* known issue: You have to double-click on chat popups to open the chat currently.
* known issue: Progress bar is sometimes incorrect.
* known issue: The 'Open Folder' icon on the individual complete incoming transfers does not actually open the folder.
* known issue: When a transfer fails, it is currently not obvious as to why it failed.
* known issue: There is currently no File Overwrite confirmation dialog.
* known issue: It is not possible to send file to chat
* known issue: When you have lots of file transfers and scroll through the list, some horrible overdrawing artifacts can occur.
* known issue: Changing between Options screens without saving could lose your new options. Options are only currently saved on a screen by screen basis. There is currently no warning when you try to change options screens or exit the options dialog with unsaved changes.
* known issue: For some people, the Voicemail section may show a constantly scrolling progress bar when they haven't set a Voicemail message and/or do not have the Voicemail or SkypeIn service.
* feature: Create Account.
* feature: Call ordinary phones dialpad.
* feature: Graphic emoticons.
* feature: X11 public API transport.
* feature: DBUS public API transport.
* feature: Public API manager dialog in Options.
* feature: Mark All Viewed in new events list.
* feature: New dialpad and other graphics.
* feature: Technical Call Info tooltip.
* feature: Birthday reminders.
* cleanup: Add hover effect to Myself, Services and Events Area text buttons.
* cleanup: Add hover effect to Transfer text buttons.
* cleanup: Display (Alpha) or (Beta) tag in header and about box.
* cleanup: File Transfer cleanups.
* cleanup: Improved contact card look.
* bugfix: Changes to line input (mood messages etc), behaves much more nicely now.
* bugfix: Crash when opening profile via right-click menu whilst in a call.
* bugfix: Delete chats a lot more cleanly.
* bugfix: Don't duplicate users' languages.
* bugfix: Don't show e-mail address after reloading if it wasn't stored.
* bugfix: Double click pstn contact starts call regardless of chat/call setting.
* bugfix: Escaping issue with contact notifications.
* bugfix: Event notifications now reset between logins.
* bugfix: Expanded contact now has mouseover tooltip on their name.
* bugfix: Chat bookmark changes from history are now reflected in chat window.
* bugfix: Fix & escaping in Chats menus.
* bugfix: Fix for non-workable EULA in Qt 4.3.x.
* bugfix: Fix for non-working buttons in Options Dialog in Qt 4.3.x.
* bugfix: Fix jumpy drawing on appearing Edit Profile window.
* bugfix: Explicitly telling a chat to open should open it, even if minimised.
* bugfix: If you close a minimised chat window, you could no longer open the chat.
* bbugfix: Incorrect match code in Events model lead to unpredictable events.
* bbugfix: No more 'Broken Call' windows.
* bbugfix: Only (try to) save e-mail addresses and languages when necessary.
* bugfix: Opening a blank chat would immediately place it into Recent Chats.
* bugfix: Repopulate profile widget editor upon reloading.
* bugfix: Search Contacts dialog corruption.
* bugfix: Typing into the chat userlist no longer causes unexpected behaviour on the main contact list.
* bugfix: Use plaintext body in chat (fixes communication issues with latest Windows Skype versions).
* bugfix: View Account Page button now links to account page.


ps : Merci Papy40 (comme d'hab...) pour la news... ;)[/size]