7, 8 Aout 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Linux (+ m

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7, 8 Aout 2007 - Nouvelles Versions Windows & Linux (+ m

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7 Aout 2007 - Nouvelle Version de Skype pour Windows :


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ChangeLog :
07.08.2007 Skype for Windows
* feature: Safety and Privacy Improvements
* feature API: SET_INPUT for recording Voicemail
* change: IE plugin updated to version
* change: Extras Manager updated to version
* change: Dial tone changed
* change: Updated all localizations
* bugfix: Add video to mood message button was not clickable in entire lenght
* bugfix: Incoming chat message notification displayed video messages wrongly
* bugfix: Error message displayed when shutting down Windows while Skype was running on some occasions
* bugfix: Wrong payment rejection cause displayed when person called from not compatible client
* bugfix: Send contacts button was active after leaving chat
* bugfix: Call was put on hold when screen saver activated
* bugfix: Audio devices with the same name where displayed incorrectly
* bugfix: Skype crashed when ending a call in some circumstances
* bugfix: On some rare cases opening chat resulted 100% CPU usage

8 Aout 2007 - Nouvelle Version de Skype pour Linux :

Version BETA

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ChangeLog :

8.08.2007 Skype Beta for Linux


bugfix: Crash on startup for users with auto-login enabled.

1.08.2007 Skype Beta for Linux
* feature: Start Minimized option now works when auto-login is enabled.
* feature: Improved performance of selection and animated emoticons in chat.
* feature: ALSA mic volume auto-adjustment.
* feature: /alertsoff, /alertson, /alertson [string] for less chat annoyance.
* feature: (flag:iso) icons.
* feature: Allow 'Enter' to open event history events.
* feature: Allow collapsing of contacts by clicking on blue title bar.
* feature: Auto-open event panel when new events come in.
* feature: Chat history loading screen.
* feature: Chat myself area.
* feature: Ctrl-E to switch between full events and contacts view.
* feature: Ctrl-F, F3, Shift-F3 in chat.
* feature: Ctrl-U to hide offline contacts.
* feature: Different new events notification in systray.
* feature: Enable some basic skype: and callto: functionality in chat.
* feature: Event type selection in Quickfilter
* feature: Flags in dialpad and profile editor.
* feature: Login/Db conversion progress bar.
* feature: New Dialpad
* feature: New New Event Event Tracking
* feature: Quickfilter in Event History
* feature: Receive Contacts.
* feature: Send Contacts.
* feature: Show SkypeOut number in contact card for SkypeOut contacts.
* feature: Special options screens for Voicemail and Call Forwarding if features are unavailable.
* feature: Support skype: element, ?userinfo to view user's profiles.
* feature: Undelivered message notifications.
* bugfix: Fix for ftp.. and http://www.. being listed as links.
* bugfix: Fix crash on exit after opening a chat window (during that session).
* bugfix: Honour the Re-add contact option in Blocked Contacts management.
* bugfix: Leave default Skype startup size the same as login screen.
* bugfix: Fix emotes button status after clicking on an emoticon.
* bugfix: Allow selecting of .gif files for avatars.
* bugfix: Refused outbound call was treated as a new missed event.
* bugfix: Fix for broken collapsing of single transfer when status changes.
* bugfix: Do not make chat windows appear in Do Not Disturb mode, regardless of setting.
* bugfix: Fix status and progress for some transfer window children.
* bugfix: Actually save e-mail and full name into profile on new account creation.
* bugfix: Crash when attempting to use the "Join to Conference" feature on incoming calls.
* bugfix: Use 48 pixel icons for chat windows.
* bugfix: Avoid ghost chats turning up in event history when creating new chat windows.
* bugfix: Fix for bad contact card selection in some cases.
* bugfix: Voicemail setting is incorrectly shown as enabled if it has never been enabled in the client.
* bugfix: Fix for a crash when deleting new birthday events.
* bugfix: Crash on Signout due to new new events animator.
* bugfix #SCL-12: Use foreground colour from user's settings for chat, to avoid black on black issue.
* bugfix #SCL-60: Fix tooltip to change properly after midnight.
* bugfix #SCL-84: Fix for scroll overdrawing in transfer widget.
* bugfix #SCL-91: Fix single click to always open chat popups.
* bugfix #SCL-93: Do not Request Authorisation for SkypeOut contacts.
* bugfix #SCL-102: In Edit SkypeOut Contact: 'RENAME' button should be called 'APPLY'
* bugfix #SCL-109: Hide mood message bubble when contact does not have a mood message.
* bugfix #SCL-116: Fix for situation 1, disabled answer call button.
* bugfix #SCL-116: Fix half-button clickable bug in popups for Qt 4.2.x.
* bugfix #SCL-123: Ctrl-W now closes chat window.
* bugfix #SCL-126: Don't show chat message popup for active chat window.
* bugfix #SCL-142: Add CallAnswered event fire.
* bugfix #SCL-146: Typo in default translation for call forwarding description.
* bugfix: API MINIMIZE should close to systray.
* bugfix: Actually update selected audio devices with API AUDIO_{IN,OUT},RINGER
* bugfix: Add another SkypeOut 'Invalid number' failure message.
* bugfix: Add hovering to transfer directory change button.
* bugfix: Allow collapsing with ctrl in chat memberlist.
* bugfix: Allow sending messages using Numpad Enter key.
* bugfix: Avoid mic level adjustment resetting mixer values to 0.
* bugfix: Avoid an overdrawing effect sometimes when switching groups / using quickfilter on contact list.
* bugfix: Avoid crash when collapsing events.
* bugfix: Avoid crashes/unexpected behaviour on some dual-contact list events (ie. send contacts)
* bugfix: Avoid showing old events in new events panel on startup/sometimes.
* bugfix: Avoid single click to open chats not working.
* bugfix: Blocked status icon wasn't implemented correctly.
* bugfix: Case-independent emoticons matching.
* bugfix: Centre delete multiple contacts dialog too.
* bugfix: Centre rename, block and delete widgets on screen for now to avoid them drawing offscreen sometimes.
* bugfix: Change default action for skype:<name> link to Call if no double-click action is defined.
* bugfix: Chat input area is set to 3 lines of text upon opening.
* bugfix: Clear last event selection when switching out of event history.
* bugfix: Close Auth Request widget popup if acted upon.
* bugfix: Contact cards keep their style after being hidden in a chat with ctrl-click.
* bugfix: Crash when deleting calls.
* bugfix: Do not ask authorization from PSTN contacts.
* bugfix: Don't give Place Call / Add to Contacts / etc options for Undisclosed numbers
* bugfix: Don't hide offline contacts in chats.
* bugfix: Don't hide offline contacts in some special filters (ie. send contacts).
* bugfix: Don't jump to password prompt is username prompt is empty on login.
* bugfix: Don't lose Personal Information divider after viewing a PSTN profile.
* bugfix: Don't show unread chats as missed events on repopulation for people who have windows automagically appearing.
* bugfix: Don't trigger any event sounds/popups for /alertsoff chat.
* bugfix: Ensure transfer window reappears if a new transfer arrives or is sent.
* bugfix: Fix a crash on new events new events code.
* bugfix: Fix event bumping - necessary now without event repopulation.
* bugfix: Fix font size on chat Myself Area mood.
* bugfix: Fix for creating an 'empty' BirthdaysSeen/BirthdaysDeleted key in config.
* bugfix: Fix for loading ftp.bla.bla or http://www.bla.bla links in the correct browser.
* bugfix: Fix for some obscure possible behaviour where a single-selected contact could be cleared.
* bugfix: Fix receiving skypeout contacts.
* bugfix: Fix some ampersand escaping issues in Rename Widget and contact list tooltips.
* bugfix: Fix some historical chats being added with wrong icon to event history.
* bugfix: Fix some quickfilter reset issues.
* bugfix: Fix stray contact card bug.
* bugfix: Focus input area on activation change.
* bugfix: Make double-clicking work in events history with slow event expanding (ie. lots of events).
* bugfix: Make quickfilter dialing work correctly again.
* bugfix: Minimum chat input area height is 1 line of text.
* bugfix: More auto mic level fixes -- should now choose a proper mic device to change volume of for most users.
* bugfix: Only auto-open event panel if we're not Do Not Disturb.
* bugfix: PSTN numbers are now correctly shown in incoming call popup.
* bugfix: Uninitialised value in Options -> Advanced dialog.
* bugfix: Remove buttons and fix up translations for multiple authorisation request dialog.
* bugfix: Remove duplicate window when joining to conference and merging calls.
* bugfix: Revert to unselected style after using a quickfilter to find one contact, then resetting.
* bugfix: Send Connecting, Ringing Out and other user-initiated call operation sounds to headset.
* bugfix: Show completed/failed calls in event history (without repopulation).
* bugfix: Show completed/failed transfers in event history (without repopulation).
* bugfix: Show the sender of incoming contacts.
* bugfix: Some additional fixes to chat missed events repopulation.
* bugfix: Update stale quickfilter status properly on events/contacts change.
* bugfix: Update the people online count from time to time.
* bugfix: Use a smaller profile editor window if it won't fit on screen.
* bugfix: Work around some issues with event history selections.
* bugfix: Work around new user registration first attempt failure.
* cleanup: A couple of tooltips added in main window and contact card.
* cleanup: Add Privacy button to e-mail field in Profile Editor.
* cleanup: Change 'Database failure' error to alert user another instance may be running.
* cleanup: Change Ctrl-W behaviour on main window from Sign out to Hide window.
* cleanup: Change Dialpad icon in Call Window.
* cleanup: Disable the auto away/NA features more until they're implemented later.
* cleanup: Don't try to round corners on mood message bubble.
* cleanup: Memory leaks with event widgets.
* cleanup: Only animate emoticons in the currently active chat window.
* cleanup: Prettify main menu a little.
* cli: Add --disable-api command-line parameter to prevent connection to X11/DBus API.
* cli: Add --disable-cleanlooks command-line parameter to override default theme.
* workaround: Disable UI smart 1:1 chat grouping for now to avoid unreadable chats.

Rappel, oupsss - 18 Juillet 2007 - Nouvelle Version de Skype pour Mac OS :


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ChangeLog :
18.07.2007 Skype for Mac
* mprovement: audio quality
* improvement: bandwidth management optimizations


merci papy40 ;)